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I got a bill, what do I do?

Insurance or payment questions? Call Conestoga Medical Billing Services at: (610) 286-5076

ONLY Invoices that begin with "LAL" can be processed with this online pay service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lower Alsace Ambulance Association perform non-emergency transports to and from the doctor's office?

No, Lower Alsace Ambulance association only performs services that are initiated from a 911 call or equivalent.

My municipality pays for my subscription. Why did I receive an invoice?

While Lower Alsace Township and Mount Penn Borough and Saint Lawrence Borough pay for PREMIUM/BASIC Subscriptions to their residents, there are exclusions. Click HERE to determine why you may have fallen into an exclusion category.

I have a copay and/or a deductible due after my insurance has processed my claim, but I cannot pay it in full within 30 days. What should I do?

Lower Alsace Ambulance Association will work with you to help satisfy your responsibility.  Flexible payment options can be made with our billing office (610) 286-5076.  Once the monthly payment plan has been arranged you have the option to set up and make payments through the online payment portal.

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and the police determined the other driver was at fault. Why do I need to provide my auto insurance information?

Pennsylvania is a no-fault state.  Therefore, each driver and passenger's personal auto insurance pays the medical bills; not the person at fault.  Contact your personal auto insurance after the accident to discuss the claims process.  Once you have obtained a claim number, contact the billing office and (610) 286-5076, as they will work directly with your insurance to resolve your ambulance claim.

My injury/illness was considered a work-related incident. Why did I receive an invoice? Shouldn't this be going to my employer?

Yes. We likely do not have your employment information on file at the time your claim was processed. Please call our office with your employer information including the name and contact of your HR manager, or the workers' compensation insurance carrier managing your claim.

I have an attorney handling my medical bills why do I keep receiving a statement?

Please communicate to our billing office (610) 286-5076 your attorney's name and all contact information.  Unless you provide us  with this information we have no resource to locate this information.

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